Beneath Us All – Red Carpet Movie Premiere

Last weekend I was honored to be invited to the theatrical premiere of Harvey Wallen‘s latest film, Beneath Us All. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet fans and network with colleagues and old friends. Not to mention the movie – it’s fantastic.


Julie is a foster child heading for her 18th birthday when she finds something buried with something unspeakable inside.

And while I’m on the subject of the fans – you guys were great! Many enjoyable interactions, and it was flattering to have so many people interested in meeting me. You made my night year, guys!

image 1

I should mention that, in spite of the current strike, this premiere was SAG-approved. Because while everyone in Hollywood is struggling right now, nobody more so than independent filmmakers.

image 2

Since we’re talking about movies, I’m happy to announce I’ll be appearing in a new mainstream feature, with a theatrical release, this coming March, 2024. To respect strike sensitivities I won’t add any more information – but stay tuned for the big reveal.

Outstanding movie, great event, fab friends, and I encourage everyone to see Beneath Us All. It’s released on streaming today, and you can find it on Amazon Prime.

Amber Lynn Supports the 2023 SAG-AFTRA Strike

Joined my fellow actors today on the strike line at Warner Bros. Studio. We made our grievances known, stopped traffic, and contributed to the cause.

amber lynn sag aftra strike2

Why Strike?
The 2023 SAG strike is marking an important moment in the history of the entertainment industry. A culmination of longstanding issues, it’s driven by a multitude of factors.

amber lynn sag aftra strike

One of the main reasons for the strike was the question of residuals. Actors, like many other creative professionals, earn a significant portion of their income from the residuals or the ongoing earnings from the shows and movies they participate in. However, in the age of digital streaming and on-demand services, the traditional model of residuals has been disrupted. SAG members felt that they were not being adequately compensated for their work when it was streamed or downloaded, leading to a major point of contention.

amber lynn sag aftra strike1

Another driving factor was the issue of safety on set. There were growing concerns about long hours, inadequate breaks, and the physical risks associated with certain scenes. The actors felt that their concerns weren’t being addressed and that their safety was being compromised, which was another catalyst for the strike.

Finally, the dispute over the ‘span of day’ rule also played a part in the SAG strike of 2023. The rule, which determines how many hours an actor can work in a day, was being flouted by several production companies. This, coupled with the other issues, eventually led the actors to take a stand, resulting in the 2023 SAG strike.

I believe in solidarity, had to join the protests, and I am a member of SAG-AFTRA and an officer of APAG. I stand alongside my peers and wholeheartedly support the WGA writers guild.

*Pics by Marc Hausman available at Getty Images.

Amber Lynn Gallery Additions

It’s been a while since I made a significant update to the free Amber Lynn galleries here on the site. Just added over 20 photos, which are a mix of the older, the new – and even a few fan-generated AI pieces (thank you, Victor!).

amber lynn ai art

Pretty sure I covered all of the gallery categories: Amber Lynn today, candids, on-set, magazines, movie posters… and more. So have a look and tell me what you think in the comments of this post.

amber lynn today sexy

If you have an old Amber Lynn photo in your personal collection – maybe a polaroid we took together at one of my many dance appearances? – please send it to me on Instagram or Twitter where I’ll see it sooner.

Or even try your hand at your own AI-generated Amber Lynn image. I’ve been loving those, for real! Hope you’re having a great summer so far, and I always love to hear from you.

amber lynn on set22

Amber Lynn Galleries

How have I ended up with such a huge collection of personal and professional photos? Well, it’s no surprise as I’ve been in front of cameras for most of my life.

In the early 1980s, I stepped into the adult entertainment industry. Noted for the characteristic blonde ambition and a certain spirit, I found myself slowly climbing the ladder of the industry. I was just another performer, trying to stand out among many talented contemporaries through perseverance and a serious commitment to my profession.

amber lynn hot shots

As the years unfolded, the ’80s and ’90s saw me fortunate enough to have steady work and feature in numerous films – a journey that contributed to my personal growth more than anything. My role evolved over time to be more than just an on-screen performer. I found myself advocating for performers’ rights and aiming to make a difference in our working environment – a small step I am proud to have taken towards influencing the adult entertainment landscape.

And it’s not over yet! I’m still very active in the industry, perform on cam for my fans multiple times a week, am in the process of writing an autobiography and rebooting my radio show/podcast – and “retirement” is a long way off yet. Glad to have all of you along for the ride.

The King and I: Amber Lynn Remembers John Holmes

Porn star John Holmes

John Holmes was the undisputed King of Porn until his untimely death on March 13, 1988 at the age of 43. I worked with “Johnny Wadd” in four adult films, memories of which I’ll share below, and I’d like to think we became friends as well as costars.

Holmes’ death had a profound effect on the adult film industry as it had lost one of its key figures as it struggled to establish itself during the early years.

His unique and charismatic performances made him a fan favorite, and his absence left a void that was difficult to fill.

With Holmes no longer active in the industry, other performers tried to step into his shoes, but none could truly replicate his success and influence. This created an opportunity for new stars to emerge and for the industry to evolve in different directions. His legacy, however, cannot be denied.

Amber Lynn’s Movies/Scenes with John Holmes
Click the movie titles for more information and to watch these classic scenes for yourself. There’s no need to take my word for John’s contributions to the adult industry!

1.Body Shop (1984) – My scene with John took place in a Jacuzzi, and fans frequently mention it to me as one of their favorites. I vividly remember that the first time I laid eyes on his legendary penis, its size left me stunned and speechless!

image 1

The movie was directed by Henri Pachard and produced by VCA Pictures. It features a star-studded cast including myself, Taija Rae, Sharon Mitchell, and Joey Silvera and revolves around the story of a mysterious body shop where customers’ desires are fulfilled in the most sensual and erotic ways. Pachard’s direction and the exceptional performances by the cast make “Body Shop” a must-watch film for adult movie enthusiasts.

2. The Devil in Mr Holmes (1987) – I worked with both John Holmes and Tracy Adams in this film, and it was hands-down one of the hottest scenes I have ever shot. She was a huge crush of mine which came across on film every scene. Traci and I played German Tourists who encountered John, and I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

image 2

It was directed by Giorgio Grand and stars John Holmes, Erminio Bianchi Fasani, Tracey Adams, myself and Karin Schubert. The story revolves around the character Robert, played by John, who faces personal struggles and finds pleasure in watching others engage in sexual activities.

3. Dickman and Throbbin (1986) – Talk about a fun set! John Holmes and Tom Byron starred with me in this hilarious spin on Batman and Robin in a scene that still brings me laughter today. Who doesn’t want to take a spin in the sheets with a superhero?

image 3

The movie holds a place in history as one of the very first porn parodies and was directed by Jerome Tanner. The film stars Tom Byron and John Holmes as the titular characters, who portray a duo known as SEXOCRISTS, who have the ability to transform frigid women into sex-craving individuals. It also featured Amber Lynn, Joanna Storm, and Keli Richards as some of the young ladies “rescued” by our intrepid heroes.

4 . The Rise of the Roman Empress (1987) – This was a memorable shoot, and not just because it was lensed in Rome, Italy. John Holmes, Cicciolina and myself starred in the adult industry take on a historical epic. It was John’s last movie before announcing he had contracted HIV. I was floored upon learning this, as were many of us girls, because I was dangerously unprotected.

image 4

Directed by Riccardo Schicchi and produced by Paradise Video, the film stars Cicciolina (Ilona Staller), a renowned porn star and eventually even an elected politician, as the Empress. It also featured myself, Christoph Clark and Tracy Adams.

5. Rub Down (1986) – Memorable for me due to the number of scenes and costars I had. I got to perform, over 4 scenes, with John, Jerry Butler, a G/G with Bunny Bleu, Kimberly Carson and Harry Reems.

image 5

The movie revolves around a character named Gail, who is fired by her terrible employer, Bixby, after she refuses to give in to his sexual advances.

John’s Diagnosis and More Controversy
What made this sad news even worse, is that John knew he had it when we last worked together.  Gratefully, the universe protected me, and after several tests I was cleared with a full bill of health.

Another notorious controversy surrounding John Holmes was his involvement in the infamous Wonderland Murders in 1981. Holmes became a key figure in the investigation due to his association with the Wonderland Gang, a group involved in drug trafficking, and the gang perpetrated a violent home invasion where four people were brutally murdered. Although John was initially implicated in the murders, he struck a plea deal and testified against his former associates, which resulted in reduced charges and a shorter prison sentence. This event tarnished Holmes’s reputation and marked a turning point in his life for the remaining seven years of his short life.

John would eventually pass away from his disease and, despite the betrayal I felt at the time – the indelible mark he left on the world of porn will remain forever. Some of the reasons are good, and some less so, but John C. Holmes is remembered and a frequently mentioned part of popular culture to this day.

Deep Throat Turns 50!

I was thrilled to be invited to last week’s 50th anniversary of the quintessential classic, Deep Throat – held at 910 WEHO in West Hollywood.

The Legend of Deep Throat

deep throat poster 5

Perhaps the film most synonymous with the adult industry, 1972’s Deep Throat was a milestone. And none of the male cast members were named Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein or “Tricky Dick”. That was a whole ‘nother thing which just happened to share the same nefarious year.

Directed and written by Gerard Damiano, with the legendary Linda Lovelace starring in the lead role, the movie gained infamy for its portrayal of a woman whose clitoris is located in her throat. You read that correctly.

The director’s son, Gerard Damiano Jr. was on hand for the event and we got to enjoy time together on the red carpet and then participating in a talkback panel after the screening. The memories were flowing and it was a memorable discussion.

deep throat 50th anniversary amber lynn panel

Deep Throat’s Historical Significance
Despite widespread controversy and attempted censorship, the film played a significant role in breaking down sexual taboos in the 1970s. In recent years, the documentary “Inside Deep Throat” shed light on the making of the film and its impact on American culture. The documentary explored themes of artistic freedom, censorship, and sexuality… highlighting the important discussions that the movie sparked in its already progressive decade.

Not surprisingly, Hollywood couldn’t resist making their own timely biopic. Entitled “Lovelace“, the studio even got A-lister Amanda Seymore to participate, in what ended up being a daring and career-making role for the young actress. Mamma Mia, indeed!

Amber Lynn and Gerard Damiano Jr. at a 50th anniversary event for "Deep Throat".

Event Attendees
A star-studded and monumental adult industry event, the red carpet included Gerard Jr. and his sister Christar, Nai’a Felig (Gloria Leonard’s granddaughter), Dr. Susan Block, Jane Hamilton – and yours truly!

dt 50th anniversary 1

Overall, “Deep Throat” remains an iconic film that both challenged and shaped societal views on sex and censorship. I was honored to be invited to the recent event, enjoyed catching up with some old friends, and – if you’ve never seen it – you can watch Deep Throat on demand in my library.

Who is Quentin Tarantino’s “The Movie Critic” Based on?

Over the past couple of weeks, a lot of information has been coming out regarding, what will apparently be Quentin Tarantino’s very last film, The Movie Critic.

But who is the movie critic in question?

Gene Shalit? Pauline Kael? Rex Reed? The theories are out there, hot and heavy. And all of them have been wrong to date, save for one.

I can (sorta) clear this all up right now, and confirm with (some) certainty, that World of Reel has done their research, written a worthy post, and 99.9% gotten it right.

Tarantino’s character is (most likely) based on my close, dearly departed, friend and mentor: Bill Margold.

bill margold amber lynn

Bill Margold discovered me, was a doting supporter, and remained a close friend throughout my adult career. Not to mention, his cat, “Amber Dreamsicle“, was named after me.

And, as I’ve shared here before, he was instrumental in helping me register the Amber Lynn TM through his endorsement as a porn historian.

We were tight, but I was only one of “Bill’s Kids“. A tight-knit group of actors, crew, writers and stars who counted him as being in their corner. Many of whom attempted to come to the rescue that day in 2017 when we lost him. I have to reach out to others and think about how to tell the story of that day before sharing, but stay tuned.

As we know, William Margold, my close friend and valued confidant, passed away on January 17, 2017. I have deeply missed him. Mr. Margold will always be remembered fondly, and may he rest in peace.

Amber Lynn Fan Art and Artificial Intelligence Submissions

Maybe it’s because AI image generation has become all the rage lately… but, whatever the reason, I’ve loved the recent fan art submissions I’ve been getting. Very flattering, and I appreciate the effort.

There’s an obvious difference between AI art and fan art, but I’m going to combine (and start collecting) them all in a new Amber Lynn Fan Art gallery.

What’s the difference between “AI” and “Fan”? Let’s start by sharing some of the AI stuff, but the real masterpiece I’ll save until the end of this post – and then the distinction will be obvious.

amber lynn ai pink

As you can see, the AI isn’t really nailing it here, but I have to say this is one of the closest any of the artificial intelligence attempts got to looking like me. Don’t get me wrong, I think the whole thing is pretty amazing. It’s just that sometimes they resemble me, and other times they look more like Katie Couric. 🙂

And at least Skynet didn’t try to make me look like one of the many other “Amber Lynn”s out there, like the “Bachs” or the “Reid”s. There seem to be dozens.

But please don’t forget: I am the first (and only) trademark registered “Amber Lynn. Hopefully you’re in the right place.

amber godfrey

Again, close, but no expensive Cuban cigar. Godfrey wasn’t overly impressed, either (his coat is much darker). But we both appreciate the thought and effort! Please keep them coming, everyone.

But this… this amazing effort by @FlashNash4, blew my socks off:

Amber Lynn Fan Art

Nash, thank you so much. Because that is an incredible creation, and I hope you don’t mind that I shared it here. I may just have a brand new desktop wallpaper!

Whether it’s AI, or more sophisticated fan art, I’m enjoying the submissions. So please keep them coming – and Instagram or Twitter are the best places to message me or send images these days. Hope to hear from you.

Amber Lynn’s Webcam – Come See Me Live!

Amber Lynn Webcam Shows

If you weren’t aware, friends and fans, I’m regularly web-camming and enjoying the hell out of it – so much fun. We can chat politely for free, and I enjoy that too, but things tend to get slightly more interesting if we move into a private conversation.

Amber Lynn’s Webcam is here for you to enjoy. Join me in an exclusive or smaller group show. But, obviously, up close and personal tends to be a little more fun.


For more information, testimonials from fans, and a detailed schedule, please have a look at my previous Amber Lynn Cam post.

If you join the naughty party, and enjoy our time together, please be sure to leave your own testimonial, And I hope to see you all there!

The Brains Behind Amber Lynn

There’s a lot you probably don’t know about Amber Lynn.

For example, were you aware she has her SAG card? Or is a Sergeant-at-Arms for the Adult Performance Artist’s Guild? Or has been the host of a weekly radio podcast for nearly a decade? Or is an advocate for worldwide animal rescue?

SAG-AFTRA represents approximately 160,000 performers and media professionals across 25 locals in the United States who work in film and digital motion pictures, television programs, commercials, video games, corporate/educational and non-broadcast productions, new media, television and radio news outlets, as well as major label recording artists.

amber lynn icon

While we’re on the subject of the brains behind the bombshell, She also has a Plan B education, went to real estate trade school and has worked extensively with addicts in detox and recovery clinics.

So – there’s more to this lady than meets the eye, and thank goodness our eyes still get to look at such a community-minded, gorgeous and clever individual. I prefer emails for professional outreach but comments for comments and questions from fans.

Feel free to leave a comment below. Remember, this is Amber’s official site and she sees everything. And absolutely loves and welcomes it.